Calluses. How to get rid of them forever?

Calluses are constant companions of a person. Some appear in the summer when changing shoes and giving up tights. Others are present on the legs for years, such as corn. A person may even have a “favorite” callus, which is always with him and does not go away either from steam baths, special emollients, or specialist visits. And if he leaves, he will appear in the same place again. Often in a dermatologist’s office, you can hear a recommendation to visit an osteopath or orthopedist. Why this happens and how you can fight it, osteopathic doctor Vladimir Z. told

Calluses range from soft, moist blisters to hard corns. As for the former, the reason for this is most often incorrectly selected shoes, explains the osteopath Vladimir.

“But what if you don’t wear heels? Your shoes are of high quality, leather, and comfortable, but corns and corns still appear? Or if there is a callus on only one foot or a specific finger, only on one of the heels?

What if even a professional pedicure by a podiatrist solves the problem for a maximum of a couple of weeks? In these cases, we can talk with great confidence about problems with the spine and the imbalance that has arisen because of this, ”says the specialist. 

The body tries to maintain balance, but the load on foot is distributed incorrectly. And in the place where there is excess pressure, a callus appears. “You can endlessly remove it from a specialist, but the pressure does not disappear anywhere. Each time, connective tissue will grow in place of the callus, and each new callus will exactly repeat the previous one, and each time it can become harder, thicker and larger than the previous one,” warns Vladimir.

That is why in the presence of “favorite corns,” it is important to contact an osteopath or orthopedist. “We do not treat calluses on the feet – this is done by a podiatrist or a dermatologist. But we align the whole body, eliminating the root cause of the problem – the pressure on the foot will be redistributed, it will become more uniform. Usually, after osteopathic treatment in adult patients, if they had habitual calluses and abrasions on the fingers, this phenomenon is significantly reduced or disappears. The soreness that accompanies the calluses also passes, the person begins to feel more comfortable when walking, ”says osteopath Vladimir.

Don’t forget about shoes

To alleviate your condition and reduce the risk of recurrence of corns, you need to choose the right shoes. After all, it also affects the spine. Vladimir recommends the following: 

  • It should be comfortable – this is the most important thing. If you still feel discomfort and tension in the store, imagine what will happen to your feet after a couple of hours of wearing them.
  • Shoes must be made from natural materials. Imagine leather in polyethylene – it does not breathe, sweats rubs mechanically against straps, seams, etc. In this sense, artificial leather can act aggressively toward your legs – it does not stretch, does not adapt to your curves, and does not let air through.
  • Shoe design matters – choose sandals and sandals, the straps that securely hold the toe and heel. Slippers and flip-flops are not shoes for long-term wear.
  • The sole of the shoe should be soft and flexible.
  • For urban people, shoes with absolutely flat soles are harmful. When we walk on asphalt, such shoes are uncomfortable for us, because of which the muscles of the whole body are forced to constantly additionally strain. If you like ballet shoes, choose models with a small heel or platform – the difference in height between the toe and heel should be at least 2 cm.

“At the same time, I highly recommend not wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time. Because it is harmful, absolutely not physiological. Like walking on tiptoe,” emphasizes the doctor. What happens when a woman wears high heels?

Normally, when a person stands straight, the load on his organs and joints is evenly distributed. But as soon as you stand on your heels, the center of gravity shifts. To avoid falling, the body needs to change the position of almost all vertebrae, organs, and bones. This leads to the fact that in some organs and muscles, the tension increases, while in others, on the contrary, it weakens. Now imagine that this happens every day, for several hours in a row. Changes become chronic, the specialist notes.

Another negative aspect of wearing stilettos and heels is that the body’s weight is not distributed over the entire foot; it puts pressure on its front part. Suppose we consider that in women, the foot area is, in principle, smaller than in men. In that case, this can provoke the development of transverse flat feet. In addition, from a constant load, the skin on the foot becomes thicker, and corns appear on it. This is a sure sign not only of improperly selected shoes but possibly of scoliosis because the wrong shoes exacerbate all existing problems with the spine!

“Shoes with a heel higher than 6 cm are a dress-out option, and you should not wear them for more than two hours a day. If such shoes are part of the dress code, try to give your feet a rest at any convenient time, try silicone liners to make your feet softer, ”says the doctor.

Baby calluses

All of the above points about shoes are true here. But sometimes parents notice that their little child’s fingers are at different levels (this is most directly related to the appearance of corn in the future). For example, when a child places a foot, all fingers rest on the floor, and one rises above them, and this position is constant. Usually, this is considered a feature of the child, says Vladimir.

“But if a car has four wheels that must be oriented strictly in a straight line, but they are not oriented, this does not indicate the features of the car. This suggests that there are some violations, damage, breakdowns. In this case, we are well aware that if we do not repair the car, then this wrong wheel will wear out faster, the rubber will wear out, the bearings will fail faster and we will have to change it much earlier, ”Osteopath Vladimir gives an example.

Unfortunately, deviations in the human body are often misunderstood. In the meantime, the body is destroyed, like a wheel displaced from its axis. “If we do not correct this situation in a child, then with age the problem will not go away, but simply take on other forms, in an adult this may persist in the form that the fingers press a little differently in the shoes, the support on the foot is slightly disturbed, it is hard walk, there may be some individual calluses or corns on a separate finger, ”the specialist warns.

Why does the finger stick out? The doctor notes that a birth injury, the tension in the neck, displacement of the bones of the skull, and muscle tension, which is transmitted from above down through the muscle chains, leads to an unequal position of the fingers in a row and leads to the fact that the tendon that extends one of the fingers is more stretched.

So do not wait for it to go away on its own, the child will outgrow it, and everything will be fine. Treatment should begin at the first sign of deviation. And do not forget to wear properly selected shoes and align the spine with specialists.

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