Maxi coat and leopard bag. What will we be wearing this fall?

Summer has passed, but the beginning of autumn is no reason to forget about fashion. Stylist Yulia L. tells what trends the autumn-winter season will please us with.

Maxi models

Maxi-length outerwear is especially popular now: coats, down jackets, and eco-fur coats (yes, this trend is still with us; moreover, it continues to gain momentum).

But models on the floor are not suitable for everyone. For owners of short stature, I suggest choosing either midi length or cropped versions (of course, we are talking about down jackets here, not coats).

Style: Maxi coat and leopard bag. What will we be wearing this fall?

Actual colors

For short women, I advise you to bet not on the fashionable maxi length but on the color. The so-called images of total black are very popular when you are completely dressed in black, from shoes to a headdress. By the way, it perfectly slims and visually stretches any figure!

Also, pay attention to things of a deep chocolate shade, the color of a withered rose (soft pink), and mint. Of course, they are not so good for outerwear because of their impracticality, but you can use them in your wardrobe. For example, a mint trouser suit will be a great purchase this fall.

00’s style

If last year we only tried to bare the stomach, now the low rise has firmly entered the life of fashionistas, not only in trousers and jeans but also in skirts (which are more like wide belts). This trend comes from the zero and velvet things, sometimes “mixed” with lace. They do not have to be solemn for a special occasion but for everyday life.

The designers are so tired of the basic and sporty things that have come to the fore during the pandemic that they decided to bring a little holiday to our looks.

Who will suit the style of zero? Firstly, for slender ladies, a low fit, like velvet, will emphasize all your extra pounds. Secondly, those who love bright images and being the center of attention.

Separately, I will say about how to wear things with a low fit. Of course, the combination of a miniskirt (jeans) and a crop top has remained, but if you could go out in this form before, now the look should be more chaste. You need to wear something on top: a voluminous jacket or cardigan.


Leopard print accessories are another hit this fall: bags, shoes, berets, etc. But since it’s flashy and attention-grabbing, clothes should be as calm as possible.

Let’s say you bought a leopard bag, then let the coat be masculine, with large shoulders. Another fashion tip: to make the image look more interesting, choose clothes that will match the color of the print. If the last is brown-black, the things can be either black or brown; you should not add a third shade.


Fitted silhouettes are actively returning to our lives. I emphasize: not close-fitting, but fitted, as in the era of the 50s with Christian Dior. Of course, voluminous and baggy things remain, but they are no longer as popular as before, although it is too early to say goodbye to them.

Femininity is also manifested in the transparency of images: skirts, dresses, blouses, and bodysuits. We are not talking about “naked” things unsuitable for everyday life. Still, if it is, for example, a voluminous blouse with ruffles, and properly selected underwear underneath, it is another matter.

Style: Maxi coat and leopard bag. What will we be wearing this fall?

Preppy style

Initially, this style appeared in prestigious American educational institutions, and its characteristic features are sweatshirts, cropped jackets, a tandem shirt and sweater, short pleated skirts, and loafers with socks. Preppy will be good for young people and petite young ladies.

Style: Maxi coat and leopard bag. What will we be wearing this fall?

Denim total look

Not only the total black look, which I mentioned above, takes place in the autumn-winter season, but denim too. Today we see a “comeback” of denim raincoats and even mitts! Remember when Britney Spears flaunted her full denim outfit?

I note that the blue color goes well with beige. If you want contrast, you can “mix” it with black. For example, with a leather jacket, different textures are always interesting. Plus, leopard accessories will fit very harmoniously into such an image.

Style: Maxi coat and leopard bag. What will we be wearing this fall?

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