Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

Fisherman’s boots, over-the-knee boots or Chelsea? What shoes stay with us in the autumn-winter season and what’s new for those who like to be in trend, says stylist Yulia L. 

1. Boots of the fisherman

There are no significant trends compared to last year, and the basic shoes are the same. But it may well be that some models have not yet settled in your wardrobe, and it makes sense to purchase them.

For example, the so-called fisherman’s boots. Distinctive features: height to the knee, fairly wide bootleg. The sole should not be thin. Today’s trend dictates a certain brutality to us and can be achieved with the help of a massive platform. But, of course, consider the features of your figure and height. For overweight women and girls – in this sense, the “green light,” and for short, very thin ones – an impressive, rough sole will not work.

What to combine fisherman’s boots with? The military style is ideal, a coat shortened to the hip with lapels and shoulder straps. They can also be worn with trousers tucked in, but this is a style decision for an amateur. You should not go 100% into the military; just take some of its elements. 

Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

2. Models from zero

If we talk about trends, the most fashionable boots in the zero style: end in the shin area, fit the leg tightly, and have either a very high heel or a very small and sharp nose.

As a rule, such models are made in unexpected colors: silver, gold, bright red, and blue. Embroidery is also often used. Some people are shocked by boots from the 2000s, but believe me, time will pass, and we will look at them less critically than now.

Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

3. Kitten heel

Boots with a kitten heel (kitten hill) are incredibly comfortable. The toe can be narrow or square; you decide. But since this is a rather feminine model, which is often worn in tandem with dresses and skirts, it is worth considering that the length of this product should go beyond the shoes so that there is no gap between the boots and the skirt (dress)! 

4. Lace-up boots

High boots (to the knee) with lacing. As a rule, the model completely fits the lower leg, so I suggest wearing it with eco-leather leggings, leggings (to emphasize the slimness of the legs, if any), a bomber jacket or a jacket with an accent shoulder line on top.

As for the sole, it should be pronounced and embossed for such models. These are not feminine boots from the 2000s with stiletto heels.

Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

5. Over-the-knee boots with a massive sole

An integral attribute of modern over-the-knee boots is a massive sole. You can combine the model with short skirts, shorts, and knitted dresses. The latter should not be tight; it is something like a sweater, only longer. 

Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

6. Stockings and models with unusual heels 

I advise you to buy ankle boots for autumn only if you prefer trousers (jeans) to skirts. Another point is that they should resemble stockings and be like good, tight tights that tightly fit the leg. Any execution material: suede, leather, knitwear

Of course, you can also wear a skirt with ankle boots, but the tights should be the same color as the shoes to visually stretch your legs and not “cut” them. Since not everyone can fulfill this condition and there are much more fashion mistakes with ankle boots than with boots, I recommend buying them in black. It is impossible to make a mistake here: wear a skirt, black tights and the same ankle boots. Everybody!

Models with a square toe on a stable heel are also relevant. Plus, an unconditional trend is an unusual heel. A good option, when the heel starts from the heel, resembles its continuation, but at the same time sophisticated. If you want to look taller than your height, look at models with massive soles with very high heels, starting from 10 centimeters.

7. Black or brown Cossacks

Cossacks are shoes that help make the image more stylish. True, it is difficult to buy a good and inexpensive model. They are disassembled very quickly! Boots can be suede or leather, loose at the ankle or frame your leg (depending on preference). But I strongly recommend black or brown. We leave white, with perforation and embroidery “overboard.”

Cossacks fit perfectly into the style of boho and country, grunge, sports, and casual, respectively, and go well with any jeans (narrow, straight), midi and maxi denim skirts, leather goods, dresses with frills and ruffles. Upstairs, you can put on a leather jacket or even a sports-down jacket in a modern cut.

Universal Cossacks are short, and long ones are more difficult to adapt to your wardrobe; usually, only dresses or shorts are suitable.

Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

8. Boots with colored soles

What do such models look like? For example, the shoes are beige, and the soles are brown. There may be brighter combinations. In any case, here we go more into a sporty style. If you don’t have such a task, you prefer the classics: Chelsea boots with a massive sole are suitable; by the way, they can be cast.

Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

9. Keds

Even in such weather, you can wear sneakers, yes, not white, but, for example, beige or black, made of leather or suede.

The most fashionable model – “Jordan,” is made in the style of basketball. Another trend is vintage sneakers reminiscent of a tennis theme.

What we wear with: wide jeans, trousers, a voluminous coat on top, a cap to enhance the relaxed look – a sweater with a high neck underneath. The set is ready. And the Jordans are best combined with tight jeans and leggings to show the sneakers themselves. Only the color of the clothes should match the color of the shoes. Top with a bomber jacket or quilted jacket. It is better not to combine sneakers with feminine things in autumn; few people know how to do it well.

Chelsea, boots and even sneakers. The most fashionable shoes this fall

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