What plastic surgery should not be done?

Safe plastic surgery simply does not exist. However, several operations are especially dangerous. And some operations are not suitable for everyone: they will decorate some, while others will only disfigure.

Plastic surgeon Dmitry S. told Okemen.xyz about them.

1# Removing the bottom ribs

Promised effect: Thin waist.

Why shouldn’t you do it? The ribs create a frame for the internal organs. Accordingly, the necessary support is lost from the insides if it is violated. There are two types of removal of the lower ribs – the operation can be performed endoscopically (through small incisions in the umbilical area) and through an incision in the back. But the result of both interventions will be the same. A person will become more vulnerable, and severe bruises or falls may result in a serious displacement of his insides.

The same applies to operations when the lower edges are not removed but simply broken. The geometry of the location of the internal organs still suffers from this. Therefore this type of intervention is also considered highly undesirable.

Safe alternative. You can make the waist more pronounced in another way. For example, you can simply lose weight. The stomach will lose weight – and the waist will seem by itself. Or you can resort to liposuction.

2# Removing Bish’s lamps

Promised effect: Sunken cheeks, pronounced cheekbones.

Why shouldn’t you do it? This operation must be approached with caution. The function of these fatty lumps is to hold the tissues of the face. And if you remove them for a thin girl, the skin will simply fit the cheekbones, creating the effect of dried fruit. In this case, you will have to return to the surgeon with a request to return the lost volume of the cheeks. You only need to look at Mary-Kate Olsen to understand what is at stake.

But if the girl is naturally chubby, removing Bish’s lumps will help achieve the desired relief of the cheekbones, making a face look more aristocratic and sophisticated. An excellent example is Megan Fox, for whom this operation was very useful.

#3 Volume Liposuction

Promised effect: Slimming without worries, perfect body contours.

Why shouldn’t you do it? The most popular places for liposuction are the back and abdomen. Next, come to the arms, hips, knees, and neck. This is a great operation to transform, but there is a nuance. In one run, it is not always possible to pump out all unnecessary fat. The volume that should be disposed of at the moment is calculated based on BMI (body mass index), but at the same time, it is no more than 5-6 liters. Otherwise, too much fat pumping can lead to profuse blood loss and traces of the operation in the form of dents.

Safe alternative. Before resorting to liposuction, you need to seriously address the problem of excess weight – together with a nutritionist. After all, this operation is not a weight correction method but a way to correct the figure. If there is a desire to get rid of a large amount of fat, it is advisable to carry out the operation not in one go but in stages. So the body will be easier to adapt to changes, and he will experience less stress.

4# Lipofilling of the buttocks (“Brazilian buttocks”)

Promised effect: Buttocks, like J. Lo, literally in 1 day.

Why shouldn’t you do it? The operation means to pump up the ass with your own fat cells to give it the desired volume. But in fact, not everything is as simple as it seems. Therefore, such an operation can only be entrusted to a competent and experienced specialist since the transplanted fat should be in the subcutaneous space, not the muscle. Otherwise, fat cells can cause blockage of blood vessels and circulatory disorders, which, in turn, will already lead to pathological processes that will have an extremely negative impact on the patient.

Also, too much fat can lead to its migration throughout the body, and volume will be added not only in the buttocks but also in areas where fat lumps are not needed.

Safe alternative. The surest option, as with liposuction, is to work in stages, giving the transplanted cells time to take root in a new place. And, of course, do not forget about fitness and exercise equipment.

5# Combined operations

Promised effect: In one operation, you can eliminate all the shortcomings. It’s convenient and profitable! One anesthesia, one scheduled examination, and one rehabilitation period.

Why shouldn’t you do it? Combined, or as they are also called, combined operations are very convenient because they save time and money and achieve the fastest possible transformation. But here, the main thing to remember is that any operation is a stress for the body, the level of which depends on the specific intervention. For example, it is highly undesirable to combine several complex operations into one anesthesia (for example, to combine plastic surgery of the abdomen, chest, and arms). It will be very difficult for the body to cope with such a load. It is also impossible to combine operations that involve intervention from different sides of the body. So, if you do the chest and buttocks simultaneously, you can only sleep standing up.

Safe alternative. Better not to chase two birds with one stone. However, there are exceptions. For example, complex operations can be combined with easier ones (for example, a breast lift can be combined with eyelid surgery). But, of course, all this should be considered individually. And the careful choice of the doctor here is extremely important.

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